High School Financial Education
When BVCU (Premier Credit Union) wanted to introduce their services to local high school students, the challenge was to engage the teen market while informing influencers (parents, teachers, etc.) of the many benefits offered by youth financial education.    This opportunity to expand the credit union's clientele adhered strongly to their non-profit mission to promote the financial wellbeing of the communities they serve. Not only did it win multiple awards, but droves of participants at the local schools.
Customized logos using the mascot of the high school created familiarity and tied the two entities together. Boulder's four public high schools participated in this program including Fairview, Monarch, Boulder and Centaurus. 
Credit unions, typically, are largely made up of older members (60+). While the benefits of membership are many, credit unions as a whole have had a difficult time attracting new and younger audiences. BVCU wanted to change this dynamic and this environmentally friendly idea was compelling in so many ways. BVCU’s location in one of the United States’ most progressive cities made this approach a perfect fit. In addition to local appeal, national awareness of the need for eco-friendly strategies has never been higher. Top it off with the strong interest of youth in the environmental movement, and we had a strategy for BVCU that was not only good for business, but great for the earth.
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